Mercedes & Autonomous Driving: Current Technology

Photo by Karlis Dambrans (Flickr) Mercedes and Autonomous Driving: Features You Didn’t Realize New Mercedes Vehicles Had Self-driving car technology has arrived on the scene. Autonomous-driving cars are no longer just something in science fiction movies: It’s now possible to buy a Mercedes that drives itself. Mercedes-Benz is incorporating a number of autonomous driving features[…]

The Mercedes G-Wagon: A Class Unto Itself

Few models are as important to the car industry as the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon, or Geländewagen (which is German for “cross-country vehicle”), officially named the G-Class. Designed as an all-wheel off-roader that can scale mountains, drive through mud, skid along sand, and climb over rocky terrain, the G-wagon is pretty much a tank, only one with[…]

The Rarest Mercedes-Benz Parts

Photo by allen watkin (Flickr) In the mid-1800s, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz were similarly driven individuals, each working energetically on his own design of a combustion engine. After applying for and receiving patents for their individual engine designs, the two men combined their efforts and formed the Daimler-Benz motor company in 1926. Eventually, the[…]

Where Did Mercedes Get Its Name? A Biography of Mercedes, Emil Jellinek’s Daughter

Photo by ptwo (Flickr) The name “Mercedes” is synonymous with refined power and performance. But it started out as a feminine first name meaning “grace,” and the automotive powerhouse is inextricably linked with a little girl named Mercedes who was born in 1889, the daughter of Emil Jellinek. The history of this elite automaker and[…]

The Worst Mercedes-Benz Models of All Time

Yes, Mercedes-Benz is a great brand. They have built some amazing cars, invented some incredible, industry-changing things, and continued to innovate for decades. The nearly-a-century-old company has had some dark days, though, from its early experimentation to the horrible age of DaimlerChrysler. A few unsuccessful models have littered the metaphorical lawn of the company’s otherwise[…]

The Best Mercedes-AMG Models of All Time

Starting as an independent engineering firm, AMG, which stands for Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach, combined with Mercedes-Benz in the late 1990s. Since the firm’s inception by former Mercedes engineers in 1967, however, they’ve crafted some amazing creations that car fans across the world have ogled. These are some of the best Mercedes-AMG models to come out[…]