Mercedes Radiator and Cooling System Problems in 2021

Mercedes Radiator and Cooling Problems Mercedes-Benz exemplifies luxury. It offers high-end comfort, performance, and quality, helping to justify its hefty price tag. However, without the proper maintenance you might see a decline in your Mercedes radiator and cooling system function. Drivers should understand the basic signs and symptoms associated with auto part failure. In this[…]

The Dark Days of the DaimlerChrysler Era

Photo by Randy Stern (Flickr) A major merger occurred between two auto-making giants in 1998. After months of negotiations and speculation, German Daimler-Benz and American Chrysler finally sealed the deal that would launch the new DaimlerChrysler auto company. At the time of the DaimlerChrysler merger, Daimler-Benz was led by Jurgen Schrempp, and the Chrysler CEO[…]

Are Mercedes Cars Worth the Price? Why They’re the Best

Photo by Thomas doerfer (Wikimedia Commons) Mercedes-Benz is a global automobile manufacturer that has become synonymous with luxury vehicles. The company was founded in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Early models have been traced back to Daimler-Motoren-Gesellchaft’s 1901 Mercedes and an 1886 car produced by Karl Benz, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. The two had produced their own models[…]

The Changing Technologies of Mercedes Headlights

Photo by Jorge Royan (Wikimedia Commons) The Changing Technologies of Mercedes Headlights It’s often a relatively cheap part that you don’t think about very often when you’re driving around in your Mercedes: headlights. They’re powerful, important, and taken for granted, only becoming suddenly problematic when you need one replaced. It’s strange to think about, but[…]