Mercedes & Autonomous Driving: Current Technology

Photo by Karlis Dambrans (Flickr) Mercedes and Autonomous Driving: Features You Didn’t Realize New Mercedes Vehicles Had Self-driving car technology has arrived on the scene. Autonomous-driving cars are no longer just something in science fiction movies: It’s now possible to buy a Mercedes that drives itself. Mercedes-Benz is incorporating a number of autonomous driving features[…]

The Mercedes G-Wagon: A Class Unto Itself

Few models are as important to the car industry as the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon, or Geländewagen (which is German for “cross-country vehicle”), officially named the G-Class. Designed as an all-wheel off-roader that can scale mountains, drive through mud, skid along sand, and climb over rocky terrain, the G-wagon is pretty much a tank, only one with[…]

The Rarest Mercedes-Benz Parts

Photo by allen watkin (Flickr) In the mid-1800s, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz were similarly driven individuals, each working energetically on his own design of a combustion engine. After applying for and receiving patents for their individual engine designs, the two men combined their efforts and formed the Daimler-Benz motor company in 1926. Eventually, the[…]

Where Did Mercedes Get Its Name? A Biography of Mercedes, Emil Jellinek’s Daughter

Photo by ptwo (Flickr) The name “Mercedes” is synonymous with refined power and performance. But it started out as a feminine first name meaning “grace,” and the automotive powerhouse is inextricably linked with a little girl named Mercedes who was born in 1889, the daughter of Emil Jellinek. The history of this elite automaker and[…]

The Worst Mercedes-Benz Models of All Time

Yes, Mercedes-Benz is a great brand. They have built some amazing cars, invented some incredible, industry-changing things, and continued to innovate for decades. The nearly-a-century-old company has had some dark days, though, from its early experimentation to the horrible age of DaimlerChrysler. A few unsuccessful models have littered the metaphorical lawn of the company’s otherwise[…]