Incredible Mercedes Engines Throughout History

Photo by Colin (Flickr) For car-lovers, Mercedes-Benz needs no introduction. Known since 1926 for the quality and durability of their vehicles, the auto industry giant has used some of the most impressive engines in the world. Here’s a look at four of the all-time best. Benz Meets Wankel: The 1969 C111 Concept Car Three-rotor Wankel[…]

The Coolest Mercedes Grilles Over The Years

Photo by InSapphoWeTrust (Flickr) Mercedes-Benz designs their cars meticulously, focusing tightly on every accessory, feature, and part. They’ve created some amazing things, but of specific fascination to many collectors is their artfully created grilles, which often sport their iconic emblem. As a company that’s been around since the very beginnings (having a hand in creating[…]