Bizarre Mercedes-Benz Mentions in Film & Pop Culture

Photo by Grossman Glotzer Management Corporation (Wikimedia Commons) The Mercedes-Benz brand is an icon of style, class, and performance. As such, Hollywood executives, singers, and many other media moguls love to reference it. Over the span of decades, there have been some pretty interesting homages, not to mention obvious situations of product placement. Many of[…]

A History of Mercedes Racing

Photo by FulviaFiend (Flickr) The first auto endurance race occurred in 1894, and participants traveled between Paris and Rouen. Vehicles without horses were invited to participate in the event to display their operating safety, reliability, and best speeds. The first vehicles to cross the finish line on that day had engines designed by Gottlieb Daimler,[…]

The Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Parts

Photo by Moto “Club4AG” Miwa (Flickr) Mercedes-Benz is the type of brand that screams value, so an owner has to wonder when it’s OK to be cheap with replacements. Should a car owner pass off high-value original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts to wander through the dubious world of aftermarket Mercedes parts and find something barely[…]

Top 10 Car Events for a Mercedes Fan

Mercedes-Benz is a brand that has been around for well more than a century and has consistently built some of the most beautiful and luxurious cars the world has ever seen. Not only that, but they have also been a dominant force in auto racing since the very start, producing incredible race cars owned and[…]

The First Car Ever: Carl Benz’s Masterpiece

Photo by Seongbin Im (Flickr) Carl Benz was the mastermind behind the world’s first automobile, which rolled out for its debut to the world on December 31, 1879. This innovative vehicle was called the Benz Patent Motorwagen. It had a single-cylinder, two-stroke engine that caught the public’s attention almost immediately. Working with the two-stroke engine[…]

The Best Roads in the U.S. to Cruise in Your Finished Mercedes

It’s finished! You’re finally done with your restoration or customization Mercedes-Benz car project. You’ve collected the OEM parts, put the pieces together, taken several test-drives, waxed, shined, polished, and are ready to show your finished piece of transportation perfection off to the world. If you haven’t yet planned a bucket-list road trip that hits every[…]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Daimler AG

Daimler AG is the company that owns and produces the cars we know and love, but the company also has a rich history, dark secrets, and interesting quirks that the public might not necessarily know about. Mercedez-Benz and its parent company are famous for high-end German engineering, but here are some things you might not[…]