Finding Mercedes Car Parts: Online, Catalogs, & Events

Photo by Leonid Mamchenkov (Flickr)

That Mercedes-Benz parked in your garage may be a sweet ride, but like all cars, it needs ongoing maintenance to keep it in fine shape. When a part wears out, you may suffer sticker shock to learn the retail price for a replacement. Exorbitant prices have led many consumers to explore other options for finding Mercedes car parts. It’s even possible to locate obscure and hard-to-find auto parts thanks to the networking opportunities that exist on the Internet.

First, check with your local dealership or automotive parts store when you need a part or accessory. This is a research step only, however. Note the price of the part you need. Now, the search is on to find the same part or a worthy alternative at a better price. Both brick-and-mortar and online retailers are available throughout the country that may stock the Mercedes parts and aftermarket parts you want.

Within your geographic area, search for a salvage yard, junkyard, or recycling yard. These businesses generally hold an inventory of vehicles with parts available for purchase. Some salvage yards are extremely high-tech, using a computerized database system to track inventory. When the customer comes in needing a part for a specific make and model, an employee can search the database to see if it is in stock and what the price is. Some of these salvage yards stock only specialty parts for specific cars. A specialty salvage yard might be the place to search for Mercedes parts. A no-frills junk yard would be the yard that you can wander around in to find the aftermarket parts you need for your vehicle.

  • Some junkyards will remove the parts for you, and others require you to do the work. Don’t forget your tools if you will be removing your own parts.
  • Compare prices for parts at local salvage yards to ensure that you don’t overpay.
  • Search for large parts locally to avoid shipping costs, and buy smaller parts online, if necessary.
  • Adopt the “it never hurts to ask” approach; don’t be afraid to ask an owner of an old car if you can buy a part if the make and model match your needs.

Searching online for aftermarket parts or OEM parts can eliminate a lot of the legwork. Used auto parts supply retailers maintain websites with search tools for consumers. Navigate to these websites and search for the part you need by entering the make, model, and year of your car into the search box. If the retailer has the part, you will get an option to purchase it on the website. Online auction websites and used sales websites are additional options for finding car parts to purchase. When searching for obscure Mercedes parts, you might also visit enthusiast forums where other Mercedes-lovers share tips and information about maintaining their vehicles. These websites may provide opportunities for bartering to get the OEM parts you need.

  • Read consumer ratings about any online retailers before making a purchase to ensure that the company has a good reputation.
  • Complete an online purchase only when the company provides a secure portal for completing a payment.