5 Must-Have Mercedes-Benz Parts and Accessories


Must-Have Mercedes Parts

When you’re working on or keeping up your beautiful Mercedes-Benz, parts and accessories may go missing, be replaced, or change from owner to owner. So which Mercedes-Benz interior accessories or exterior parts are important to get from the original manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket? This is a matter of much debate between many different parties in car restoration: Do you want your car to stick to the authentic condition it was in years ago, or are you changing it up and creating your own custom hot rod out of some of the most durable parts? When trying to recapture the glory of a Mercedes-Benz, parts and accessories from the muffler to the rear-view mirror are very important, but most crucial are the parts with the brand, logo, and look that you are going for when preserving or re-creating a Mercedes. Parts and accessories will always be important, but for the collector who is choosy, these are some of the must-have pieces you’ll need.

The Real Emblem in the Right Place

Get as accurate of an emblem as possible for the period and the type of car. This is very important! Also, remember that not all Mercedes models had the now-famous emblem. If the emblem is either not there or not accurate, it will often be very obvious to collectors.

An Accurate Grille

If the grille is not clean or the right one, it’s almost always immediately noticeable. That’s true even for people who are not car experts or people who really know Mercedes-Benz. Parts and accessories online can be found that might fit, but do they have the right look and feel? For years, Mercedes cars were famous for having a simple and beautiful design, often accentuated by a small and perfect grille. This is an important part to get straight from the manufacturer.

The Wheel

When you grip the wheel of a Mercedes, it should give you a certain feeling. The wheels that have been created for these cars have been crafted to fit the touch of the driver. They often happen to sport the Mercedes emblem as well. This is possibly the most important piece of all of the Mercedes-Benz interior accessories.

The Headlights

Like the grille, this is an external piece of the car that’s imperative to get right, especially for older models. Mercedes is famous for having a very innovative and dynamic front shape, which is hard to replicate with random parts. Be sure to find the right shape for the job.

As Much of the Original Engine as Possible

Mercedes-Benz vehicles were and still are famous for their innovative engines. When restoring or preserving a car like this, a working engine should probably be the main focus. Especially if the restorer has any interest in selling the vehicle in the future, the engine, out of all of the other Mercedes parts and accessories, should get the majority of the money, time, and focus!

Of course, it absolutely goes without saying that when restoring a vehicle, one should try to keep as many of the original parts and branded parts as possible. Considering the vehicle itself, the restorer’s budget, and the intent of the project (customization verses preservation), one must also find a good balance of finding the best parts possible at the lowest prices. This list contains what we think are the most important parts to get right. Of course, you can buy many more Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories online from us because we offer discount prices and great rates for high-quality parts. When budgeting for a new project, check with us first. Purchase great auto parts at better prices now!